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Elkhart Brass- Monitors

Elkhart Brass Copperhead Monitors
The rugged, corrosion-resistant brass construction is ideal for use in refineries, chemical plants, off-shore installations, and for shipboard use.
Elkhart Brass Hydrant Mount Monitors
Elkhart Brass Hydrant Mount Monitors.Several available size and flow options. All construction features designed to minimize maintenance needs.
Elkhart Brass Monitor Accessories
Elkhart Brass Monitor Accessories
Elkart Brass Python Monitor
Python® features a seamless brass 2½” waterway, delivering flows up to 1250 GPM. Flexible installation options include: extensive base options, two choices in manual controls, and a hydrant mounting option.
Elkhart Brass R.A.M.- Rapid Attack Monitor
R.A.M. is easily deployed and operated by a single firefighter. Its patent-pending hydraulic stability system harnesses reaction force to stabilize the monitor.
Elkhart Brass Scorpion Monitors
Scorpion Monitors-With its lightweight Elk-O-Lite® construction, the Scorpion® is the perfect monitor for aerial applications. Scorpion® is efficient at high flows due to a 4” fully-vaned waterway.
Elkhart Brass Sidewinder Monitors
Under 9” wide and requiring just 16” of clearance, the Sidewinder is compact and perfect for wildland, dust abatement, small apparatus use or anywhere space is at a premium.
Ekhart Brass Spit-Fire Monitors
With its 4” fully-vaned waterway, the Spit-Fire is efficient at high flows and offers a choice in manual controls. The dual hand-wheel style control delivers full 360° horizontal rotation with horizontal and vertical adjustable stop positions
Elkhart Brass Stinger 2.0 Monitors
Stinger® 2.0 is a dual purpose break-apart monitor for use as a deck gun or portable monitor. Numerous truck adapter and portable base options are available to suit every need. In portable mode, five forged aluminum legs with self-adjusting.
Elkhart Braass Stingray Monitors
Stingray® has flow-efficient 3” waterway that allow for flows up to 1250 GPM. All features designed to minimize maintenance needs, including: choice of corrosion-resistant brass or lightweight Elk-O-Lite® construction.
Elkhart Brass Vulcan Monitors
The Vulcan® delivers low friction loss due to 3 3/8” patented elliptical waterway with vaned interior. The small footprint, less than 15” wide and requiring just 16” of clearance, makes it ideal for tight spaces.